Murton Branch Labour Party

Welcome to our Murton branch page you will find information about your Labour County Councillors, Parish Councillors and how to contact the Secretary to the local Branch. Labour members are very active within the Murton community and parish council.

We currently have two County Councillors and 16 Parish councillors with a number of members on school governing bodies and community associations plus other local groups.

Murton Branch Labour Party We are an active group of Labour supporters and welcome new members, please contact our secretary.


Our Labour Parish Councillors for Murton Parish Council

Councillor Julie Griffiths - East Ward 

Councillor Maureen Haswell - East Ward

Councillor Ricky Kelly- East Ward

Councillor George Maitland - East Ward

Councillor Andrew E Page - East Ward

Councillor Paul Penman - East Ward

Councillor Tom Pinkney - East Ward

Councillor Sandy Ward - East Ward

Councillor Robert Adcock-Forster - West Ward

Councillor Elizabeth Cowley -West Ward

Councillor Margaret Errington - West Ward

Councillor Liam Grogan - West Ward

Councillor John Lormor - West Ward

Councillor Hazel Napier - West Ward

Councillor Frederick Rennoldson - West Ward

Councillor Linda Riley - West Ward