Easington Colliery Branch Labour Party

Welcome to our Easington Colliery Branch page you will find information about your Labour County Councillors, Parish Councillors and how to contact the Secretary to the local Branch. Labour members are very active within the Easington community and Parish Council.

We currently have 2 County Councillors and 12 Parish councillors with a number of members been school governing bodies and community associations plus other local groups.

Easington Colliery Branch Labour Party are an active group of Labour supporters and welcome new members, please contact our secretary David Boyes.


Branch Officials:

Chair: Myrtle MacPherson

Secretary: David Boyes

Meeting dates and times: First Monday of every month at 7:00 pm

Location: Parish Hall, Easington colliery

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Facebook: Easington Colliery Branch Labour Party


Councillor David Boyes
Councillor David Boyes
Home address:
45 Briardene Way
Easington Colliery
County Durham

Phone: 03000 268 688
Email: david.boyes@durham.gov.uk
Councillor Angela Surtees
Councillor Angela Surtees
Home address:
1 Davis Terrace
Easington Colliery
County Durham

Phone: 03000 268 778
Email: a.surtees@durham.gov.uk

Our Labour Parish Councillor for Easington Colliery Parish Council

Councillor Kathleen Archer

Councillor Lewis Baker

Councillor David Boyes

Councillor Muriel Crawford

Councillor Stephen Fergus

Councillor Ian Foster

Councillor Dora Foster

Councillor Myrtle Macpherson

Councillor Yvette O'Donnell

Councillor Denise Race

Councillor Dennis Raine

Councillor Mavis Vickers