CLP's Easington delegates who attend the 2017 Labour Party Conference in Brighton  
This was our first LP Conference we've attended and I'm happy to report that it was brilliant! After each daily schedule report, the atmosphere was electrifying everyone was in high spirits, goodhumoured, positive, and dynamic. There were delegates on their feet in the hall for much of the time. I have never seen so many spontaneous standing ovations! 
There was security everywhere and plenty armed police with automatic weapons, there were long queues so it was very tiring and exhausting. Quite apart from the extra mileage involved in just getting into the building because of the "ring of steel,” I found this to be well managed and I felt safe at all times   There were several people from northeast and we were lucky enough to bump into many; we also meet the Shadow chancellors John McDonnell, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott plus many more and not forgetting our very own MP Grahame Morris, 
Every morning we were greeted with a very useful “Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC). Report this could change slightly throughout the day. 
Jeremy Corbyn gives an excellent speech at the labour party conference  Stating the election campaign showed a thirst for real changes across Britain. We have changed the debate and have set the political agenda  
He has signalled a major shift in Labour’s Brexit policy as he said his party would guarantee the UK”unimpeded “access to the European Single Market    The next Labour government will take our authority from many, not hoard the power in the hands of few for the first time in a long time we can provide a politics for the people. He spoke of a new type of politics and then went on to say the labour party was going to do more for the self-employed people we would build more council house in the near future. He referred to the thousands who have lost their job by the closure of Redcar Steelworks and criticised how the Troy government failed to intervene   Jeremy claimed that through the new registration process, the troy part is effective party is effectively removing millions from the electoral roll in attempt to “gerrymander “elections   in London and Wales Up to two million people could lose their right to vote   

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Theresa May to call another general election  
John McDonnell “Shadow Chancellor “ Mr McDonnell told the conference that the private sector made an eye-watering £831m is in profit from the NHS in the last 6 years. A labour government would develop alternative public sector models for the funding infrastructure, with the aim of saving the taxpayers money while in improving services. We will also end the private finance initiative “Scandal “, bringing all contracts and workers back into the public sector he went on to promise delegates Never again will this waste of taxpayers’ money be used to subsidise the profits of shareholders.  
Diane Abbott   “Protecting our communities she spoke about terrorist atrocities at “Westminster, The Manchester Arena: London Bridge: Borough Market and Finsbury Park and paying tribute to the brave police officers; Firefighters; NHS workers and transport police who ran towards danger to keep us safe, and spoke how the Tories have no respect for the public sectors workers’ pay cap how they should Not be played off against each other They should all be paid properly. And how we cannot keep the nation secure on the cheap,                                                                                                                                       
the counter-terror funding to police forces was cut by 7.2%, over the next 3 years, the budget for the office for security and counter-terrorism will fall by more than fifty million pounds over the next two years  How the Tory failed Kensington and Chelsea by treating the residents of Grenfell like second class citizens, there are over two thousand empty properties in this borough and only a handful have been rehoused the Tory failure in relation to Grenfell goes further than the borough council, We demand justice for the Grenfell survivors they will not be forgotten  She also went on to talk about home affairs issues Immigration                                                            How the Tories continue to talk about bogus immigration targets which will never be meet. The labour party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn Labour government will work across departments to counter the effects of deregulation, Liberalisation, and weakening of trade union rights and freedoms.     Emily Thornberry Shadow Foreign Secretary (Brexit) 
Started by thanking Kate Osamor and Nia Griffith who have allowed her to speak on their behalf  She went on to say; Conference what a contrast you’ve got labour Brexit team here on the stage  myself and Barry working every day in harness with Jeremy ,John and Diane all pulling together All focused on the same three priorities  we’ve had since Day One after the referendum –Jobs Jobs, and  Jobs  , Emily stated it is time for Theresa May to step aside, End the  shambles of Government and let the grown-ups on this stage to take charge ,We’ve got a decision to make ,Either tackle head on the root causes of these crises or spend more and more every year dealing with the consequences and under a Labour government that is a decision we will not duck  Our Shadow Defence Secretary who has shown that Britain under labour will be a stronger leader within NATO, committed to spending    2 percent of our national  income on defence to ensure that those who put their lives on the line for this country, the real- term  pay rises and decent living conditions that their service and their sacrifice deserves. All across Europe   we see the basic rules of humanity and the basic lesson of history ignored as cowardly terrorists stalk our streets What we are seeing today is the biggest challenge to the world order since the 1930s and the collapse of the League of Nations this is the time to stand up for Human rights and international treaties and insist on working through the United Nation for peace   
Diane Holland, National Treasurer  
Started by saying we have 400 new members and it is still rising, we started with £25m in debt,   our debt was repaid over 10 yrs. Well we are no longer in debt  We started our campaign with £3½ m and have £2m set aside. The party has managed to generate £4m in donations online. We are no-long in the RED.                                  She went on to explain the DWP benefit cap figures released on 3rd August the Joseph Rowntree Foundation said ‘The benefit cap has had only a small impact on moving people into work. To make a serious reduction in benefits bill the Government should scrap the benefits cap and focus on addressing the serious lack of genuinely affordable housing; We, therefore, call on Labour MPs to demand immediate Government action to tackle the welfare cap and housing crisis. For decades successive administrations have buried their heads to the crisis but we believe that have a leader with the necessary integrity and commitment to rights the previous wrongs.  
She went on to say; that having a decent and secure home is a basic human  right –as is a wellfunded National Health Service and if the government of 1945 managed to introduce our NHS and build more than 800,000 council houses –when close to bankruptcy Then we can solve the present crisis  

Conference resolves that Labour Party should  Continue to make a case for vital importance of social housing  Pledge to build at least 100.000 genuinely affordable homes a year  Trebling current build rates  Back families on ordinary incomes who want to own their own homes  Help renters with a cap on rents longer tenancies and new minimum standards  The Crisis Homelessness monitor which states rough sleeping levels in England have increased by 132% since 2010 and by 16% since 2015  The conference calls on the next Labour Government to end the right to buy,    NHS On the 9th August, the House of Commons Library revealed a doubling of a number of NHS sites being sold off. 117 of these currently provide clinical services Like their US templates  ACSs will provide limited services on restricted budgets replacing NHS hospitals with down skilled community unit,                                                                                                                                                           This conference congratulates our party for its manifesto commitment to restore our NHS  The conference calls on the party to oppose the recommendations for the NHS land/assets sales and campaign for  Restoring the Health Secretary’s duty to provide an NHS  Ending private involvement in the NHS  Ending services cuts and closures  Increasing recruitment and training  Increasing funding  Increasing beds  Scraping pays caps  Restoring Bursaries  A nation social care system  Reduced waiting times  Safe staffing legislation  Engagement with NHS staff  Employment old EU nationals  Tacking causes of ill-health  Excluding NHS from free trade agreements  We call for our next manifesto to reaffirm Labour’s policy to reinstate a publicly provided, funded, and accountable and charge free NHS,  
Cat Smith MP Shadow Minister for voter engagement and youth affairs  
Cat spoke about how the cuts in local authorities have resulted in youth service spending being cut by £387 million since 2010, that’ 3,000 youth workers lost their jobs,  603 youth centres have closed and 138,000 places for our young people have been cut, This is a false economy. Rather than supporting young people now, the government is storing up problems these problems will just grow, become more complicated cost us more to address the future years Figure for poverty. Material deprivation and the unemployment all show our people suffering the most, it is clear young people, and future generations have been disproportionately hit by failing Tory austerity  We need to expose the Tories for what they are –the party of the past  
Kerry McCarthy MP for Bristol 
Stated the Government is no friend of people who live in rural communities. They scrapped the Agricultural Wages Board, let the wage gap between urban and rural areas rise   
We need a farming industry that is economically viable, environmentally stable and maintains the best welfare standards.” 
Ian McNichol General Secretary  
Ian spoke about the  trade unions on how we need the trade unions  because without the trade unions the lives of working people  can be hell without the unions; there would be no limits on working hours; No rest breaks; no paid holidays; no safety on the factory floors  or on building site Our founders in 1900 knew it that’s why they started the labour party in the first place  
Clive Lewis MP Shadow secretary of state for Defence  I want to pay tribute to the extraordinary men and women of our armed forces, who work so hard to keep us safe every single day. They have continued to do so at a time of unprecedented challenges. From operations against Da’esh in the Middle East to peacekeeping missions in Somalia Sudan and elsewhere, our armed forces have been exceptionally   busy and dedicated 
Jonathan Ashworth Leicester South “The Labour Party is a great force for social justice and we need to win again to put our values into action. 
Joyce Lovack, Eunice Huntington  

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